Updating an Add-On Instruction to a Newer Revision via Import

When you need to update an instruction to a newer revision, you can import it from an .L5X file or copy it from an existing project. You must be offline to update an Add-On Instruction.
Follow these steps to update an Add-On Instruction to a newer revision by importing it.

1. Right-click the Add-On Instruction folder and choose Import Add-On Instruction.

2. Select the file with the Add-On Instruction and click Import.

3. Review the Import Configuration dialog box, and from the Operations menu, choose Overwrite.

4. Click Collision Details to see any differences in the Add-On Instructions and to view where the Add-On Instruction is used.

The Property Compare tab shows the differences between the instructions, in this case, the Revision, Edited Date, and Software Revision.

The Project References tab shows where the existing Add-On Instruction is used.

5. Click Close and then OK to complete the operation.