Setting up communication between AB & Siemens (Part. 2)

Adding the Module to an Existing Project

1. Add the MVI56-PDPS module to the project. Right-click the mouse button on the I/O Configuration option in the Controller Organization window to display a pop-up menu. Select the New Module option from the I/O Configuration menu.

This action opens the following dialog box:

2. Select the 1756-Module (Generic 1756 Module) from the list and click OK.

3. Enter the Name, Description and Slot options for your application, using the values in the illustration above. You must select the Comm Format as Data - INT in the dialog box, otherwise the module will not communicate over the backplane of the CompactLogix rack.

4. Configure the Connection Parameters to match to the Block Transfer Size parameter in the configuration file. Use the values in the table corresponding with the block transfer size you configured.

5. Click Next to continue.

6. Select the Request Packet Interval value for scanning the I/O on the module.
This value represents the minimum frequency the module will handle scheduled events. This value should not be set to less than 1 millisecond.
Values between 1 and 10 milliseconds should work with most applications.

7. Save the module. Click OK to dismiss the dialog box. The Controller Organization window now displays the module's presence. The following illustration shows the Controller Organization window:

8. Copy the Controller Tags from the sample program.

9. Copy the User Defined Data Types from the sample program.

10. Copy the Ladder Rungs from the sample program.

11. Save and Download the new application to the controller and place the processor in run mode.